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The Home Acquisition, Preservation and Preservation Program offers: counseling, education and advice for first time homebuyers (including post-purchase, credit empowerment through counseling and direct assistance, loss mitigation services, counseling, education and intervention, for the prevention of housing foreclosure.

Our services

At Ponce NHS we offer a program approved by the Federal Housing Agency
(Housing & Urban Development-HUD), which offers advice, guidance and training on 

Financial Capacity for people who want to fix their finances, buy or rent a home, are in danger of losing it due to non-payment or want to make a

reversible mortgage (reverse), among other goals. 

The main objective is to provide each family or individual with the necessary tools to determine how to stabilize finances, rebuild their credit and establish savings. In addition, to explain the processes, types of loans, programs, rights and responsibilities to be able to achieve your dream of acquiring and maintaining a home, through an education program with a defined structure and high quality. 

We offer advice on:

• First Home Purchase
• Post-purchase home maintenance
• Resolve/prevent delinquency or loss prevention
• "Reverse" mortgage
• Rental Counseling
• Assistance to homeless people

Group education services and topics:
• Financial education workshop, includes budget, use of credit and home affordability
• Predatory lending, loan scam or fraud prevention
• Fair Housing Workshop
• Homelessness and rental prevention workshop
• Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshop
• Delinquent-free post-purchase workshop including home maintenance and/or financial management for homeowners
• Loss Prevention


Do you want more information on how we can help you?

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