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What are CDBG-DR funds?

Importance and Essential Materials for Community Engagement

What are federal CDBG-DR funds?
Important data you should know
  • CDBG-DR funds are allocated for the long-term recovery of housing and infrastructure in communities affected by natural disasters.

  • Well used, they allow homes and common spaces to be rebuilt according to our needs and promoting collective development.

  • Badly used, they serve as a pretext to speculate, enrich developers and even displace impoverished communities. It is urgent to act and participate in this process, educating ourselves and claiming that our needs and proposals guide the use of these funds.

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  • CDBG-DR funds are for long-term recovery after the disaster, while FEMA funds are directed to individual support and are allocated quickly after the emergency

  • Puerto Rico received $1.5 billion in a first allocation and $8,220,783,000 million in a second allocation - out of a total of $18 billion- of CDBG-DR funds that are expected to reach the Island

  • These funds can be used for housing, infrastructure, and economic revitalization.

  • Puerto Rico created an Action Plan -through the Department of Housing- where it identified the needs discovered and established on what it will spend this money.

  • Federal and local regulations require the greatest community involvement, allowing people to make known their real and discovered needs.

  • If these funds are used inappropriately, they can cause communities to be displaced and only small groups to benefit from this recovery. Therefore, it is urgent to know the data, processes and dates.

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