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Our team

Elizabeth Colón

Her work/professional experience is intertwined with creating, developing, and implementing community resources and projects. With more than 10 years working with non-profit organizations, she has coordinated Community Development and Resource Programs in organizations such as the Museo de Arte de Ponce and Pathstone Corp. among others. She coordinated projects focused on art for the community and other community empowerment projects. She has led, implemented and administered various community socioeconomic development programs, including entrepreneurship programs under private funds and federal grants such as CDBG-DR funds. These programs have achieved an average of 90% of established goals. Under its vision and guidance, Ponce NHS has expanded its programs to promote equal housing opportunities, self-sufficiency, community development and empowerment. In addition to quality initiatives in the areas of housing, education, entrepreneurship and economic development, Ponce NHS has rehabilitated communities and homes, promoted education, developed social enterprises, and spearheaded the redevelopment of poor neighborhoods.


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Catherine Cartagena

Chief Administrative Officer

With 20 years working in Ponce NHS, maintaining a "strong" standing with Neighborworks America, HUD and others. Second leader in charge of compliance and internal controls of the organization; performs daily financial analysis of the company's accounts and evaluation of annual budgets; oversees the preparation of periodic financial accounts; delimits federal proposal funds and office funds; supervises the compliance of employees of the hand of Human Resources; among other executive and administrative tasks.


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